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Nov 30, 2011 10:00pm PST
the texas treasurer's office in afor working on this project. the commission supports this piece of legislation, and what we are doing. for many of the reasons that have already been stated, this is a direction that we want to go in. i want to us express the appreciation for the outreach they are doing to the business community to educate in form and help them transition into the what annual billing cycle. and also responding to our requests for those businesses that might have difficulty paying the one-time fee, providing a mechanism for the pre-payment and moving into a facilitated communication with being able to pay on live in being able to communicate more with the city government through the electronic mecca as a. this year to make sure that we state that we really support this and this is one of the key objectives of streamlining the processes for small businesses. supervisor chu: other members of the public that wish to speak? public comment is closed. this item i think has unanimous support from the board. i do want to take the treasurer who was not here today, but who h
Nov 30, 2011 10:30pm PST
in the intervention. let's use this strategy as a two-year texas to develop how we might be able to do it better in the event that we need to. a neighbor of of the public defender and the chief, also of folks from the sheriff's department, adult probation, and i will call a number of other folks. supervisor chu: i want to welcome the third graders from the elementary school, we hope you are allot at city hall and you have a lot of fun. >> i am here to support this legislation. the problem that we're trying to address here is how to ensure that people coming out of the criminal justice system do not come back. that is the one clear that everybody in the criminal- justice system tries to strive for. working as a public defender in the criminal-justice system, the one thing that i can say with certainty is that unemployment is probably the number-one factor that determines if a person who does come back. most of them are crimes that stem from poverty, necessity, stealing to survive. if you talk about crimes like petty theft, drug dealing, it is a vast majority of the crimes we see on a day-to-day b
Dec 9, 2011 8:00am PST
. there is historical data, it generally for the last five years or more, presented in tables and also in texas. and a discussion of your capital program. what are the sfmta needs, especially someone project, and the debt. the official statement is a comprehensive story of the sfmta for investors, but you will note it is focused a little bit more or a little bit heavily on the risks flood. bondholders ask the question, what could go wrong, and if that goes wrong, where would that lead us? and those are questions that we need to address as part of your offering document. the offering document also has information on the bond ratings, assisting in the financing. we will have the financial statements, some general city operations, and it will also describe the undertakings that the sfmta makes to provide ongoing disclosure to the public markets about the sfmta. so many close with the take away, which is what u.s. commissioners should be doing with the preliminary official statement in your packet. first of all, you should review the draft. you should look at it, and if you have concerns about eith
Dec 25, 2011 11:31pm PST
sweetheart he started doing drugs. we went from a nice out in texas to nothing. the next step in the process is they get linked up with a volunteer. this is the heart and soul of the public connect. we greet clients. shake their hands. ask them to follow us and talk to them as we bring them to the hall and lead them to the first station. you find they are humbling on both sides. humbling for me. it's a great opportunity to give the folks the respect they deserve and don't get enough of. >> these are the people we step over on the way to our jobs. i was thankful to the mayor. our jobs are about helping people. this is another way for us to give back to our community that treats us very well. i like the way they take you around to get you started. that's nice. they let you go and thoser the different things you need. >> are you with a program, now? >> i was a long time -- >> you want a job search? >> career planning [inaudible]. you are interested in getting into the trades? and that is where they will double check your trading skills you got and put you on a crew and you can do construct
Dec 7, 2011 11:30am PST
this as well. you will see they are predicting multimillion on texas for the next few years. supervisor chu: thank you. >> in summary, it is approximately two pennies for the $4.5 million for the affected departments who have been able to have a discount in the past. that would be enough to bring the hetch hetchy from the back into structural long-term balance. that and be the most affordable option. the full restoration would be four since. we have reviewed this in detail with the return the sport, as we are required to do under the charter. we have also had to make full rate making transparency contrasting with independent outside rate analysts to review the materials to ensure all costs are reviewed. we are happy to answer any questions. supervisor chu: with regards to the time line, does your commission plan to act on these rates at any time? what does that mean for the cost of the board to reject or let it stand? >> commissioners, the way the charter reads, the board has 30 days after our commission submits the rate increases to the board to veto the rate increases. the plan is to have
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)